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Atul Choudhary

Hi there! My name is Atul. I am a Software developer. Currently working for one of the biggest IT companies. At the moment I live in Bangalore. My current job profile is a Business Analyst but I like to keep doing some or the other thing related to development. My technology is C and Unix and currently me and my brother have planned to try our hands in iOS and android. I am going to get indulged in the Objective C which is the language of Apple and my brother plans to do the same in Java for Android so that we can cover both the mobile OS which has the largest share in the mobile market. My professional goal in the life is to work for my own ultimately and I plan to make it LARGE!!! LOL... I am not talking about Royal Stag!!! I really want to be able to answer the question "Have I made it large?" by saying "YES but I want it even LARGER". I am constantly on the look out for the business ideas so that when we plan to start our own business, we have no dearth of ideas.

For me, my family comes first than anything else. I have my great parents who raised me to be what I am. And my lovely wife, without her, I could not be what I am. I have a genius brother who also is my career guide. He is the origin of all the crazy business ideas and we plan to make it into a great business one day. I have my parents who live in my native currently but we are constantly in touch.

I am an avid gamer and had played almost every game on every gaming device till a couple of years back when I decided to give this hobby a back seat so that I could concentrate on few other important things. I like to party on the weekend with my friends when they are in town. My type of music varies from genre to genre. If a songs is melodious I will listen to it, the language does not matter.

I am a water person and like beaches more than the hill station. I think that is because of my water sign. I am a Cancerian by zodiac and love spending time on the beaches of Goa whenever possible. We are a group of crazy friends and we have done some crazy trips in the south india where we were not aware of the destination when we started. I find this kind of traveling more satisfying and the thrill and the learning we have in these trips is always missing from the well planned trips.

Well, get in touch with me at the links below and we shall discuss more if you find my biography interesting.