Atul Vaid

A management professional, I'm a specialist in market entry strategy across consumer products, industrial goods and service industries. I've worked in India, the Middle East and the USA; and have experience with large corporates and global consulting firms, as well entrepreneurial experience with my own startup. Usually interested in new/emerging industries and business models - I've have realized that today's offbeat product ideas are tomorrows 'leading edge' business models.

Based in New Delhi, India with Accenture Management Consulting where I've created and led consulting practices in Customer Strategy, Telecom; currently managing a 100+ people year-long program creating innovative management consulting tools, methodologies and industry-specific assets for clients in 5 industries and 50+ countries.

Keeping an eye on consumer behavior, especially those driven by the convergence of demographic changes, cultural trends and economics. What looks crazy today can be tomorrow's mainstream!

Reach me at '' or from or from www.linkedin/in/atulvaid