Adhia Ahmad Turmudzi

Bandung, West Java, Id

My name is Adhia Ahmad Turmudzi , born in Bandung on April 23 , 1994, I came from a noble family in the place I live , I have the talent and interest as a graphic designer and website designer and my dream is to become a famous graphic designer .

Regarding about my education , I learned early in vocational MULTIMEDIA 14 BANDUNG ago I moved to SMK RPL PURAGABAYA BANDUNG , the knowledge I can from students and teachers here is around about graphic design .

Familiar design applications since junior high , I learned from my dad , around about my dad , he is the owner and designer of printing MH_printing located in Bandung , he told me a lot about the world of design and printing , so I can learn to self-taught learning a lot from your site I can design a website in search engine GOOGLE .

Starting from my job at the company's website , where I learned a lot about the website , from design , construction programmer , I have a position as a creative web design , from here I will understand basic website .

And now I'm learning about graphic designers and website creation .

  • Education
    • RPL Multimedia
    • Design Digital