Kelly Brown

El Sobrante, CA

At Work Wellness has been implementing comprehensive and successful ergonomic programs with companies throughout the Bay Area for the last two decades.

Services include: Ergonomic evaluations for office and industrial areas, specialized training from office ergonomics to back safety, furniture / equipment design and evaluation, return-to-work assistance and more.

Employees are your best resource. At Work Wellness can create, develop and manage a highly successful and comprehensive ergonomic program to protect your employees.

OSHA's Office of Regulatory Analysis states evidence that companies that implement ergonomic programs can expect reductions of 20% or greater in their injury and illness rate, and a return on investment of $4 to $6 dollars per every dollar spent.

At Work Wellness has been well established and proven it's success by implementing effective ergonomic programs with several Bay Area companies: Chevron, Bayer, Siemens and AAA.

Contact us today! Ask for your free analysis to better understand your risk and potential cost savings.

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