Abby Tyre

St Simons Island, GA

It is human nature to seek a sense of belonging; all of us yearn to be accepted. It is in this yearning that we are challenged to find ourselves. This daunting question of identity lures us to begin a journey, one that is continuous across a lifetime. I have begun my quest of discovering who I am and on this enlightening search I have learned much.

My zealous curiosity is my trademark. I am known for my questions, constantly challenging that which is around me. Married to this concept is my love of learning. I believe each day brings a vessel of opportunity and I therefore make it my mission to discover and appreciate all life has to offer. People are my passion as I delight in conversing with individuals and learning their perspective on the world. It is something that is almost beyond my control as I am a very passionate person. Jim Eliott said “wherever you are be all there” and this mantra is one I live by each day. Excitement overtakes me as I delight in sharing the every detail about whatever it is that has caught my attention that day. From this I must also confess that I am a very straight forward person. Authenticity is a characteristic which I seek out in those companions closest to my heart.

Yet let me not give the wrong impression, I am a very concrete person. It is vital I know the expectations so that I may exceed them. Math is my favorite subject because answers can be checked and confirmed. Tenacity is my strength- I do not consider myself the most intelligent person, simply a hard worker. My drive and work ethic are my best characteristics as I commit fully to all tasks, being the perfectionist I am. My greatest fear is that I am going to miss out on something. As I result, I am greatly involved in many activities. I am willing to try anything once and I pride myself on being openminded in accepting. In one word I would call myself an enigma, possessing both analytical and communication skills. Through experience and time, I have been molded into the person I am today.

I realize that my journey is far from over: the quest to finding myself is just beginning. Yet within the same note I am confident I am going to touch lives and leave an impact by investing in others and constantly challenging myself to progress forward and push the envelope of success.

  • Work
    • Finance and Public Relations student
  • Education
    • Glynn Academy
    • The University of Georgia