Maheshya Weerasinghe

Software Engineer, Consultant, and Photographer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Maheshya Weerasinghe

Software Engineer, Consultant, and Photographer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Hi to all the Minions who love banana. Me, Myself and I ; First an artist and a memory seeker. Then a serious researcher trying to work my way up from the bottom to well, not the top but certainly to a point that can do something innovative. Quite pleasant and shy at first; however you do discover I'm a bit quirky. Also take things too seriously or perhaps not seriously enough. Either way, I'm the kind of a person who gets lost in thought over the kinds of things others don't seem to care about, and I find myself drawn to very 'unusual' and 'unique' ideas, concepts and interests. I really love learning, and take the opportunity to educate myself on anything that sparks my interest. Much friendlier than appear, but people perceive me as callous and hostile because I stick by my guns when I feel I've been wronged. In reality, a very loyal and caring friend with a genuine interest in getting to know nice people, as well as new things.

Team Member - LKsim (pvt) ltd

Research Officer- UCSC, Modelling and Simulation Group

Student Member - IEEE student branch UCSC, Computer Science Society of UOC (CompSoc)

Former Intern Software Engineer - Sri Lanka Navy Research & Development Unit


§ “Virtual Eye: A smater mode of intraction to virtual tours": MobiSys 2016

§ “Real-Time realistic ocean wave rendering model for visualization of different sea states”: ICTerm2016.

§ “Flight Simulator for Serious Gaming", Information Science and Applications. Springer 2015

§ “Soft tissue modelling techniques in surgery simulation": IJCIT 2015

§ “ICT Solution to Minimize Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing", GRANTHAALAYAH, 2015

§ “Developing an active video game based virtual rehabilitation system for children with brain injury": First Malaysian Telemedicine Conference 2015

§ “Real-time simulation of aero-optical distortions due to air density fluctuations at supersonic speed”: Springer International Publishing, 2015

§ “Commercializing university research outcomes: A Sri Lankan experience”: ICTer 2014

§ “A wave model for simulating vessel effecting shallow water waves in real-time”: ICTer 2014

§ “Real time ship-wave simulation model for ocean going vessels": UCSC Research Symposium 2014

§ “A novel approach to simulate wind-driven waves in the deep ocean”: ICTer 2013

§ “Real-time simulation of a hybrid wind-driven ocean wave model for a maritime training environment”: UCSC Research Symposium 2013

§ “A lightweight approach to simulate a 2D radar coverage for virtual maritime

  • Education
    • University of Colombo School of Computing
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Special)