Aubrey Harris

Melbourne, Australia

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Lets Start Again is a theme title for the rest of my life. I am looking for like minded people like myself that believes in the same things as I do or at least 80% of what I believe in and what I stand for. I believe this world today is very screwed up because of all the:

Religions of the world has not shown me any peace, love and tolerance of me and my friends. All they do is fight, hate and arguing who religion is false and who is true.

Governments are more interested in themselves than their own people and really who really needs them?

Too many powerful greedy evil people in this world and slowly taking the fun out of life on earth.

Find likeminded people like me and form our own life on earth and get away from all religions, find ways to get lots of tax shelters, and find ways not to be a doormat to the government, religion and any other selfish jerks we have to deal with everyday.

Become critical thinkers and finding ways to build our own communities world wide.

Play smart by helping one another by saving money and what and how to make TAX FREE MONEY. I know a few. Yes it is legal.

More will be updated as time goes on.

  • Work
    • Carer For Disability
  • Education
    • GRADE 12
    • CERT 2 First Aid