Aubrey Johnson

East Amherst NY

Live, learn, grow then share. What is it like to live life as the ultimate version of yourself? My continued search for this answer has been my life's quest. First and foremost I'm a husband and father who enjoys spending quality time with my family. I consider myself a wellness enthusiast because when you decide to live a healthy lifestyle, it's a lifestyle change. I have been a vegetarian for more than 15 years and over the years I've helped many who have struggled with health issues and fitness obstacles. A few years ago I was blessed to be introduced to a quality wellness company that had the same wellness approach to solving health issues as I do. Herbalife products are highly qualified natural supplements engineered to work quickly and on a cellular level. Due to the effectiveness of their products and quality of the company, they are the only supplements I endorse. In addition, I wanted to provide more to those seeking a healthy lifestyle. I created a fully accessible online store with fitness equipment I also personally endorse. A customer shopping at Alj's New Body Shop has easy access to quality wellness and fitness supplements,coaching, fitness equipment, real life training DVD's and fashion apparel to show off all their hard work. I would like to invite you to browse my website at and accept my challenge to transform yourself into a healthier version of yourself. Become your TRUE self.