iTrickapedia (Lapua, Lapuaa, LPA)

As Of Now Im A Free Agent, And I Try And Upload As Much As I Can! I Feed On Most ALL Call Of Dutys And I Think Its Fun To Try And Feed On Other Games Because It Makes A Challenge, And I Love To Try Challenging Things! But My Main Call Of Duty Game Im Mw2 (Modern Warfare 2) Because I Am Insanely In Loveeeeee With Trickshooting, Its Like A Way For Me Just To Have Fun, And Blow Off Some Steam! Im Not Exacley What Ide Call "Known" Yettttt, But I Have Been In Known Clans, Im A Former Ao7 (NOT AE7) Which Is A Clan That Was Lead By FaZe Trick, eRa Trick, Trick IL, ZuMe IL, And Dare Intense (Which Is ALL The Same People) But They Were VERY KNOWN In The Trickshooting Community And I Use To Be A Playstation Guy But All Of My Freinds Had An Xbox So I Tried It And I Couldent Play Claw On Ps3 But When I Got Xbox It Felt So Right To Play Claw And So Yeah And If You Have Any Offers For Me Wheather It Be Clan Offers, GFX Offers, Or Editing Offers, Or Even Any Questions DONT BE AFRAID To Add Me On Skype Or Something Or PM My Youtube Which Will Be Below!

- Thanks, Lapua!


- TheAmericanGunPS3 (Ps3) <3 All Around Bro

- (Current) Acid Lapua (Ps3) Taught Me The Way Of Trickshooting <3

- (Current) Flight Astro (Xbox) Always There For Me <3


- Im 14 (August 28, 1998)

- Trickshooting <3

- My Youtube:

- Skype: "Trickapedia"

- I Love All And Respect All Who Do The Same For Me <3

- I Miss Ps3 Because Of All Of My Friends Who Showed Me How To Trickshot (TheAmericanGunPs3 <333333)