Aubrey Kilian

Mobile and Java Software Engineer in Canberra ACT, Australia

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Mobile and server-side software engineer, technologist, pragmatist, gamer, hobbyist game developer. Over 20 years of development and operations experience.

Currently developing using: Java (Android, back-end, Spring), AWS-related technologies, C# (inside Unity).

Currently studying towards: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

Additional exposure to: Javascript, Perl, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Backbone.JS, AngularJS, Spring, Spring Boot, Node.js, Apache, Bash, XML, JSON, SOAP WebServices, MQ, MySQL, PostgresQL, Tomcat, JBOSS, Postfix, CentOS, FreeBSD and much, much more!

Lover of all things tech, mobile and game development, gaming. Not in the order.

Happiest when I'm learning new things and/or creating.

One day when I grow up I will release a(n) (indie) game.

Currently residing in Canberra, Australia. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa.

Available for freelance opportunities, click the "Contact Me" to, well, contact me. Please include return contact details in your message.

I recently retired my blog, so no more online portfolio. Contact me to chat about what I've done.

  • Work
    • VIX Verify - a GBG company