Aubrey Sabala

New York

Aubrey Sabala is on the marketing team at Googe working on Android Pay. Before (happily!) returning to the Goog in 2015 after an 8-year hiatus, she had been pivotal in growing some of technology's most successful companies, including Facebook, Google, Digg, AOL, Sailthru and Booz Allen Hamilton. When she's not trying to get everyone to use "Log In" correctly as a verb, you can find her at a local concert, on the ski slopes, taking (or teaching!) a Pilates class, and waking up far too early on the weekends to walk her Labradoodle, Langley. Often, all four. She moved to New York City four+ years ago and while she misses SF, is thrilled to have returned to a city that has seasons...slushy winters, hot summers and all.

  • Education
    • Georgetown University
    • University of North Carolina