Emily Byrne

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

The Role-Play about.me Profile of Emily and Related Characters.

My O.O.C. (Out Of Character) name is Samantha (Sam, for short) and I’ve been role-playing with original material (non-canon) for the better part of 15 years. I tend to look at role-play as more of a creative writing endeavor than a gaming one.

This page was created to highlight characters and stories that feature Emily Moyra Byrne, her family, friends, and, otherwise, associates, as featured on http://auburn-clairvoyance.webs.com/

I’m also here on about.me to promote my material outside of Yahoo! where I’ve spent the better part of my role-playing career. If you would like to role-play with me, you may contact me through about.me or email auburn_clairvoyance@yahoo.com

Unless otherwise stated, all images on this page are not my own. Images are only used to portray characters and story situations, and may feature the faces of well-known actors, actresses, models, or other public figures.

Emily is portrayed (depending on age) by actresses Bethany Joy Lenz and Silvia Navarro.

  • Work
    • Psychic Detective
  • Education
    • Harvard University