Auburn Langley

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Greetings! So here is a very susinct space in which to summarise what makes me tick.

Writing is a passion of mine which doesn't have stereotypical passion qualities. The best way I can describe it, is that for me writing is just part of me, whether it's a story, a blog, an email, a bio, an essay on women in Etruscan society or an advertisment for wine. It is something I have always connected with, expressing myself through writing is just being.

I have lived in Australia, Africa,and Ireland, spent a few years travelling. Studied Ancient History at Edinburgh Uni and I have M.E.

We have just moved back to Scotland (close to Glasgow) and are making the most that we can of what this city has to offer. I live with my boyfriend and our dog, an Utonagan named Phoebe.

After engaging with the academic life I am now returning to my creative roots, whether it's baking, writing, making fox ears or painting!

  • Education
    • University of Edinburgh