Auction Clique


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This is a new live Auction Community. Auctions will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week-with new Items every hour.

It's so easy to become a seller, no hassles!

The mission of is to offer a centralized virtual location where customers (sellers/buyers) can offer goods and or services for sale in a unique shopping experience.

With the virtual auction environment we want our users to be able to sell/buy items in a safe environment without it being a stressful event.

At you now can have two ways to sell your items.

First Option: Will be through our original auction site.
Second Option: Will be through our brand new Market Place.

This will be a paid subscription paid either by monthly subscription or annually. Whatever is more convenient for you?

Your paid subscription gives you the ability to setup your own personal shop page and sell as many of your products as you want.

There will never be a listing fee and NO commission fees.