Auction Results

For over 20 years, Auction Results and its Founder and President, David Goodman, have been a leader in the fundraising benefit auction business. Auction Results sole focus is to provide the finest benefit auctioneer and consulting services to 501(c)3 organizations throughout the United States. Auction Results has helped to raise over $100 million dollars for charity through live benefit auction events.

By utilizing Auction Results proven techniques, our clients have consistently achieved spectacular results from their live charity benefit auction. Auction Results and professional benefit auctioneer David Goodman will captivate and entertain your audience in a sophisticated manner so that your guests truly enjoy giving their money to your non-profit fundraising benefit.

Auction Results works with non-profits
of all sizes to significantly increase
the amount of money that can be raised
for your next charity benefit auction event.
Whether you are selling auction items
worth $1000 or over $150,000 per package,
Auction Results and benefit auctioneer
David Goodman will maximize your financial return.

Review the testimonials and see that David Goodman is unlike
any other auctioneers in the country. In fact, in a
feature news story, NBC has called charity benefit auctioneer
David Goodman, simply "Amazing!" Please contact us today to
learn more about David Goodman and the Auction Results difference.