Stranger ft Eva Lazarus - Reviews.

"Audible1 is a stranger to me but his latest track Stranger featuring Eva Lazarus is most certainly an audible one. Up tempo, energetic Drum & Bass with mesmerising vocals and positive vibes. I hope this well crafted track gets the attention its deserves." Jamie Catto

"Audible1 LOVES MUSIC! and he knows what to do with it, he seeks out vibey collaborators such as the talented Eva Lazarus, they sound like a couple of trapeze-artists in sound, flipping and twirling through bass hoops and snare springs." Nina Miranda

"If the art of the Human Beatbox is hiphop in its purest form, Beat-boxer Audible1 is one pure individual. Soley using an sm58 microphone his no-holds-barred, Voice vs vocal attack routine will hold any venue in awe. Starting out from an early age as a formidable scratch DJ, Audible1 began the mad quest to merge vinyl and vocal control to take live hiphop to the next level while honing his skills as a producer in between hundreds
of tourdates all over the world. With albums in the pipeline the future looks noisy for Audible1." Etcha, Covert Records

"Audible1's kick drums boom and his snares fire like a machine gun, killer beat-boxing from the best around." LB DOPE, Alabama3

"This boy is amazing!" Brandon Block

"Brilliant!" Omid Djalili

"Out of all the beat-boxers we have had in the studio, Audible1 has been the one where i have had to watch his mouth because he simply makes too many noises at once. Wrong!" Tim Shaw, Kerrang!