Audience Response System

Earlwood, Australia

mQlicker is an audience response system that is effective and can also be used in education context besides business. The service enables a presenter to accomplish wide range of activities such as conducting mobile polling and mobile surveys. Audiences, on the other hand, can provide instant responses to the questionnaire using their mobile devices. Be it a traditional classroom setup or a conference room, audience interaction becomes easy. The technology allows the audience to provide answers to multiple choice questions with single or multiple selections. They can also offer a response in the form of a text message or a number.

One of the best aspects of the classroom response system is that it can be customized for organizational users. It enables the users to receive a quality audience response and showcase their corporate image to the voting audiences. The service is easy to use, as all a host requires doing is use the presenter web application to create and organize the questions. The system is compatible on different platforms including Android, BlackBerry phones, Kindle Fire and web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Presenters and the audiences can benefit a great deal.