Rashida Clendening * Audio Angel

Audio Angel is in love with music.

Whether performing or not, she's been known to become downright
anti-social in the midst of clubs and parties because her attention
has always been THE MUSIC. She is heralded by musical lovers globally,
because her focus while singing and emceeing is the same, THE MUSIC.
With almost 2 decades under her feet, and over a decade on the mic,
her greatest days as an underground music lover still lay ahead
because she focuses on staying perpetually inspired by the multitude
of styles and talent surrounding her.

Audio Angel is in love with all styles of music. So much, that she
often answers the question "What style do you like to sing to
most?" with an exuberant "Yes!" Most recent collaborators include
1320 Lable-mate : DJ James Christopher, The Funk Revival Orchestra,
Franco Nero & so many more! She may be best known for her work with
STS9 who helped develop her amazing improv skills and breathe life
into their shared opus,"Better Day." She's grateful to have been a
resident of multiple crews and parties throughout the West Coast and
performed with hundreds of DJs, bands & performers throughout the
world. Her newest project is Ex-Pyramids, a collaboration with drummer
Mike Reed. It's an electronic and Gospel infusion inspired by space,
cats and cats in space.