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If you're on the search for some new car speakers that will fit you're needs, then you're in the right place. We have set up a small guide to help you understand what to look for when buying new speakers. I would high recommend reading some of our key points that you want to look for to avoid making a bad purchase.

Were going to jump right into at check out the most important spec's and features you want to look for. Below we have created a small list that you will want to know when choosing the right car speakers for you.

Things to know…

Power Handling: The power handling represents how much power each speaker can handle individually. The power is measured in wattage and have a RMS and Peak wattage. What this mean is the RMS wattage of the speaker is 70watts, the speaker always runs consistently at 70 watts for best quality and performance. Also, each speaker has a Peak wattage is how high the speaker can boost to for them high and low level when needed.

Speaker Size: Two of the most common car speaker sizes are 6.5 Inch and 6×9 inch. When you are looking for loud and clear sounding vocal music, those would be the front door speaker which are the 6.5 Inch speakers. They are where the vocal and the clarity of the music mainly comes from. Next, you have the 6×9 speakers which are located in the rear of the vehicle. These speakers are more typically for the low frequencies that product bass to the music. However, they are just as important as the 6.5 inch car speakers. Also, You want to always try to match the same brand speakers when it comes to choosing the front and back speakers.