Tony McGuire

video editor and Journalist in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Tony McGuire

video editor and Journalist in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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ARE you part of an esports team or an independent Twitch streamer? Looking to grow your user base on Youtube and enhance your revenue?

I'm a video editor with nine years experience in digital journalism and a big passion for gaming. I can lift your Twitch VODs and create regular Youtube content to help you build your brand.

Here's what you get when you hire a pro:

- Fast turn-around times

- Professional video and audio editing

- Can fit schedule around Pacific/Eastern/CEST

- Complete conversion from Twitch to Youtube

- Complete discretion (journalists have a hippocratic oath too!)

- Creative direction of intro pieces-to-camera

- One-off edits, re-edits and contract work accepted to cater for your individual needs

If this sounds like a good deal, tweet me (@audiotaku) or email me with the 'Hire Me' button above for a completely FREE quote:

If you prefer, you can reach me by phone (UK), text or Whatsapp:

(+44) 7508220700

In the meantime, check out my resumé.

About Me: I've spent five years in the journalism game before bowing out on moral grounds. I got sick of clickbait, chasing hits and watching quality journalism pushed out by cheap, tacky "news".

Luckily fate intervened with a nasty case of pneumonia and i decided the time was right to start out building my own venture doing something I love... this, and so here we are!

  • Education
    • University of Strathclyde
    • University of Glasgow