Audi Guha

journalism in New Bedford, Massachusetts

I write, I paint, I sing, I travel and through it all I try to perfect an imperfect world.

Originally from Calcutta, I cling to my Bengali roots the further I physically get from them - especially the fishy part! I will make you watch a Satyajit Ray film if you get too close.

That's what got me into Amra Kojon, a great group of mostly Bengali, very talented musicians who love Bangla music and sometimes perform.

I like to think I am a world traveler, effortlessly traversing different worlds, searching for the perfect place to call home -- and find that luckily, it could be anywhere from Bombay to Boston.

As a reporter with more than 10 years of writing and editing experience, in India and the U.S., my life is peppered with curious caricatures and troublesome threats - none of which have fazed me yet. I am well on my way to collecting enough unbelievable stories and narrow escapes to fill a book.

While I've been a hard news reporter covering government, crime and everything in between for most of my career, I hope to one day transition to a news or literary magazine where I can write features and long-form stories to my heart's content. And write a book of course.

Meanwhile, I am slowly eating my way through America from sausages to sushi. When I am not eating or cooking something new or delicious (you want to try my spicy crab curry!), I am dreaming about food or reading and writing about it.

Until recently I lived in Somerville, a very cool artsy city full of good food and crazy people. In 2013, I moved to historic New Bedford (whaling made it the richest city in the world), a gem of a place full of treasures by the sea and incredible seafood.

Here I continue to fill my world with warm tastes, furry creatures, fulfilling friends, furious public officials, and a wildly expanding collection of odd scarves and spicy recipes.

  • Work
    • The New Bedford Standard-Times
  • Education
    • MA Journalism, BA English, Diploma Mass Communication