Auditory Canvas

I could give you my background, but it wouldn't really tell you who i am. I could show you photos, but you would just see my mask. I could tell you a story, but lyrical self expressions don't do me justice. You could ask my friends, but they'd give you their version of me.

But if you were to just listen intently to some of the music I make, you'll hear my soul ripped intricately open for all to see....

David grew up in the seventies, surrounded by music (at least until he took his mother’s record player apart at the age of 6 to see how it worked). His favourite toys were those that made or recorded sound. One of his most loved being the Stylaphone, which he was given at the age of 4.

David began Djing at the age of 18, playing local events and clubs whenever the opportunity arose, often for free, solely for the enjoyment and satisfaction it gave him.

In the late 90’s while attending university in Manchester, David co formed and ran a successful club night for 3 years, playing to a loyal, continuously growing crowd every fortnight. Success in this arena lead to David securing many bookings at local clubs and events around the North West of England. Through his love for Djing, David felt an increasing desire to create his own music, and explore the soundscapes that were building up in his mind.

The day that profoundly changed David’s life – a friend took him into the University music studio, briefly showed him how to turn the keyboards and equipment on, gave a ten minute lesson in the music production software on the computer, and left the room. 6 hours flew by, completely hooked, he had found the path he had been searching for since he was a child. Ever since, every penny he shouldn’t have spent, every spare moment he has, goes on letting emotions flow through sound.

Through the last 15 years David has been busy spending all his time exploring all the musical avenues that intrigue him, as well as concentrating on his own tracks, he has worked on numerous remixes, written, scored, and performed many contemporary theatre underscores and soundtracks, music for film and TV, hair shows, and various websites.

David donates much of the royalties received from the sales of his albums and EPs to charity/good causes.