What is the foremost thing that comes to your mind when you think of a corporate brand? It might be a logo, corporate colors, tagline or any other similar product? While each one of these is generally critical to your brand, because corporate identity takes into consideration a broad spectrum of marketing touch points, like how your valuable customers understand as well as interact with your business.

The recent research indicates that we are completely relying on the sense of sight for more than 80% of the information because that is how we make decisions. This is the reason most of the corporate brands completely focus on color choice, logo design and many other forms of design elements. Thus, visual cues give the strongest impressions. And yet, as brilliant as our logos and designs might be, they are competing for attention in the visually-cluttered globe.

If your competitor’s primary focus is what the market sees, how about sending an audio component to your branding identity to give you a competitive edge?

The auditory sense might be a distant second to visual however, it is an effective support connecting with customers with memories of past experiences as well as helping them make more confident decisions.

Is Your Touch points Cohesive?

Most of the organizations likely made a noteworthy investment in logo design, building signage, website and any other visualization form. But have you ever taken into consideration when your customers encounter your organization thought a radio advertisement, phone call or a promotional video? So, I want you to take into consideration of these audio touch point communications with the same level of brand message as well as with the same level of quality – just like your visual marketing components

Could You Use An Edge Over Your Competitors?

What differentiates your organization from the competitors? Sometimes the actual difference in competitive products or services is so marginal that organizations are required to resort to price ward or noisy advertisement to rise above the crowd.

Making use of audio branding can help set apart from your competitors as well as will keep you from resorting to gimmicks to obtain brand differentiation.

By making strategic choices in the areas of audio branding and building signature sounds that align with your brand, you raise the professionalism of your organization, which can give you an edge over a less sophisticated com