Audrée Jeanne Beaudoin

Past. My four years of training in Occupational Therapy have had an important influence on my future career. First, during my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to participate in three clinical internships with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, which led me to acquire strong interest, knowledge, and experience with these children. Second, during those years, I also completed two summer research trainings at the Research Center on Aging, during which I met many people who shared their passion for health research with me and encouraged me to pursue graduate studies. Present. Integrating my two passions for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and clinical research, my doctoral project assesses the effect of a 12-week parent-child education program for young children with a suspicion of autism spectrum disorder. During this intervention, parents are taught how to interact and communicate with their toddlers in order to foster their children’s development during their daily interactions. Based on the results, a similar program may be implemented for children at risk of autism spectrum disorder waiting for a diagnostic evaluation to optimize children’s development and support their families during this stressful period. Future. As a PhD student and an occupational therapist, I would like to contribute to the development of evidence-based healthcare practices in the field of autism and convey this knowledge to the next generation of occupational therapists.

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