Audrey Alexander

London, United Kingdom.

I have always believed that finance people are capable of adding much more to a business if they go beyond the numbers - from stewarding and controlling to providing strategic financial insights and acting as catalyst for change.
It is my passion therefore to create the environment, tools, organisation and people capability to enable finance to step away from running the machine to delivering quality decision support and business insights. As I have delivered at a senior level in both line and programme roles, I have seen for myself the leverage and strength a finance function gains when it is properly equipped and organised.

I hope to share my learnings with you and also to benefit from yours so I welcome questions, comments, contributions, experiences, thought pieces etc etc. Please feel free to use whatever material I put up, in return it would be great if you could either "like" or disseminate my blog.

Happy reading all and best of luck on your finance transformation journey,


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