The time is right for a new type of public servant; for someone familiar with Cornelia's history and who has new ideas, new perspectives, and a renewed commitment to find solutions for Cornelia's current challenges.

Someone with the desire to move forward, starting with Ward 2!

I was born in Clarkesville, and raised in Cornelia, attended Cornelia Elementary on Cash Street from third to sixth grades, South Habersham Junior High School and proudly graduated in 1977 from Habersham Central High School the fifth year after it was built.

After completing a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), I experienced a longing for a place that I genuinely cared about. My goal is to do the greatest amount of good which will be noticed in the shortest amount of time. I returned to Cornelia, and the comforts of my familiar: the warmth and beauty of "home". By doing this, I answered a calling to be of service to the place that gave me a stable foundation.

I seek to serve the best interests of ALL the residents of Cornelia, to use all the qualities: personal, educational, professional and spiritual that helped me grow, achieve and succeed. I wish to be of help to the elders and the youth; the struggling and the wealthy; those who have learned from life experiences and the academically educated; the sanitation worker to the office worker; the employee to the business owner; the single parent to the extended family; the subsidized occupant and the homeowner; the historic neighborhoods to the newly-diverse communities.

This is my vision -- my platform and agenda for Cornelia:

Maintain Safety for Elders and Establish Youth Activity Centers

Stimulate Economic Growth in a Revitalized Downtown

Develop Greater Citizen Participation and Representation

Cultivate and Support Neighborhood Partnerships

Create and Support a Viable Cultural Arts Presence and Industry

Together, we can move Cornelia forward, for everyone and especially for the youth, who will inherit a Cornelia based on the decisions we make today.

I appreciate any support you may offer; by casting a vote on July 31st, or email a word of encouragement, or feedback on tumblr, or by donation through Paypal below.

Thank you, Audrey Davenport