Audrey Le

Webster's defines work as "an effort to produce or accomplish something". For Kim- Au Le it goes well beyond the furthest reaches of accomplishment, praise or monetary reward. Work, for her, is art. It is an expression of her inner most passion and vision, but also, an extension of her character.

Driven. Innovative. Beautiful.

From her earliest experiences of childhood she's seen the World a little differently than most of us. For life in Vietnam may not have always been easy, it was always beautiful from the mind of an artist. It is this passion that led her to the United States shortly after grade school to pursue an education that would enable her to develop the skills and knowledge to put to paper the fascinating, and beautiful, ideas she had.

A young professional willing to excel above the expectations and challenges before her, Kim-Au Le is a shining example of what bravery, determination and hard work can accomplish for any individual.

By Michael S Bishop , 3M Corporation