Audrey Morrin

Ottawa, Ontario

People often ask me how difficult my job can really be, I mean shouldn't retail be "easy."

I've been working in retail for over 2 years, which has coincided with my Business Management and Entrepreneurship program at Algonquin College.

Retail has provided an environment to learn about customer service, selling techniques, multi-task, train as well as motivate staff.
Also learning the success of salesfloor and support team can help the success or demise of a business.

Learning many forms of business, such as being a cashier, running fitting rooms, visual merchandising, shipment and product placement has encourageged developing my sale and customer service skills. Allowing myself to take on serveral roles throughout the company and becoming a diverse employee will ultimately a better boss, knowing what it's like to start as a salesfloor employee and work my way up through the company.
Knowing the struggles of working sales floor, cash, or even fitting rooms will allow me to work in all areas and empathize with my employees and know what it's like and being able to improve upon that.

Being able to work in all the fields in my business will show my employees they are not working for me, we are working together and we will succeed as a team.

  • Work
    • Old Navy
  • Education
    • Business Management and Entrepreneurship (2014)