Audrey Richter (Isham)

Sedro woolley

I am 58 year's old, Married to Ricky Richter, live at present in Sedro Woolley, Wa. I live on a farm and as of 07/03/2014 I did not like animal's and now am thinking of opening a dog/cat rescue. I have been with child 6 time's and have only one daughter living, Matt died 5 mintues after birth, Krystal I misscarried, 2 abortion's, Amy born 1 lb.6oz ..medically fragile and legally blind, Travis Scott Hay died in a car wreck at age 16..drinking and driving. I was suicidal myself at several time's. So this is how it is... no blue prints to tell you how to make it with out your children or when you bury them..I will never...ever forget what Travis said to me when we were having the funeral service for Matt, Travis picked out "Winnie Poo" pj's for Matt to wear in his tiny coffin and he ( Travis) was sooo sad cuz he said he had always wanted a brother..then 9 years later he dies and now I am in Louisiana buring and having a funeral for my other son Travis