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Audrey Starr

I’m a Southern girl at heart finally straddling the Mason-Dixon instead of being hours above it, with my fabulous husband who makes me smile every single day, our amazing little boy who is our biggest joy, and our furbaby now and always. I love my family and friends, the color pink, Junior Mints, monograms, Vera Bradley, ketchup, organization, antiques and all things shabby chic, and my job. I can’t sing but I can still play the MHS Fight Song on my flute. I am an avid reader and cross stitcher, and I wish I had more scrapbooking talent. I’m a neat freak and don’t know how to function without a to-do list. I hate driving/bad drivers, migraines, spiders, onions, smoking, Nicholas Sparks novels, incorrect grammar, and ignorance. I have no athletic ability whatsoever, but I can make a mean carrot cake and tell you who won the Best Picture Oscar in 1983 (Terms of Endearment). I blog to keep the grandparents happy, the cousins in the loop, work my writing muscle and show off my handiwork that a house full of boys will always say is great, even when it's not.