Audrey T

My writing is like figuring out a puzzle. It could be figuring out a personal situation or analyzing a certain topic. But each piece, each thought must be assembled one by one.

There are many little details and thoughts scattered and cluttered in my mind. I don't know where each goes.

Sometimes to make things easier, I'll make an outline or simply list any thoughts.

There are parts that can quickly come together, but there are times when I'm clueless on where to place my ideas.

If something goes wrong, I like to scribble out mistakes.

Sometimes, I'll write anything down so i don't forget that new thought.

As I'm ready to conclude, everything else in mind naturally falls into place. Like the last remaning pieces of a puzzle, my final thoughts can be added in effortlessly.

There may be many scribbles or spelling and grammar mistakes on my page but every thought is finally is a whole.


written proposal

a video project pitch,

four weekly blog post reflections,

7-10 interview questions and responses,

an interview reflection blog post,

a link to your product, and

a link to your TED-style reflection talk video.

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