Audrey Walker

Ohio, United States

Audrey Walker

Ohio, United States

Hello, my name is Audrey Walker. I live in small town Ohio with my Husband Matthew and adopted kitty cat, Boozie. I enjoy art in all forms, spending time with loved ones, traveling, reading, coffee shops, concerts, flea markets, craft shows, animals and meeting new people...among many other things.

I am a Jesus Follower, daydreamer and coffee addict.

I am also the creative wit behind Green House Creations and Hello, Dear Friend on Etsy. I come from a long line of artists...both of my grandmothers crochet and sew, my mother writes poetry and even though my father passed too soon for me to really know him, I know he was of talent himself; medium of choice-pyrography. So as you can imagine, it is in my blood. For me, Art is like breathing...just something I need to do.

My life is simple really, yet far from boring or average. I have a list of experiences most people don't meet in a life time. Some terrible, some beautiful. I wouldn't take any of them back for the world because I would not be where I am today. Or perhaps, more importantly, who I am today.

I am however, just like anyone else. Human. I make mistakes, fear ridiculous things and criticize myself more than I ever deserve. But I continue to grow.

This blog is mine. It is who I am. My heartbeat. My emotions. My breath, my soul. As I allow you into my life through this Journey, I ask that you please respect me and the intimacies in which I choose to share.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace & Love,


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