Audrey Cascio

Designer and Director in Austin, Texas

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Audrey Cascio joined Gracious Bridal as Designer and Director in 2011. Gracious Bridal designs and produces custom wedding favors, gifts and party goods that brand each event with its own distinctive personality.

Prior to this, she worked as card planner at American Greetings for promotional cards featured at Wal-Mart. She also worked as marketing head in advertising and marketing for brands such as Discover Card and the Art Institute.

Originally from Ohio, Audrey graduated from Miami University in 2006 with a degree in graphic design. As an avid runner, and much to her dismay, she has run the Columbus and Chicago marathons in the exact same time to the minute. If you are ever looking for a running buddy or someone to keep you company while training for a race, Audrey is typically up to the challenge. She and Mari have been known to make the 11-mile trek home from work on occasion.