Audrey Cummins

Hi I am Audrey Cummins.I was born in Larry Street San Francisco. I am a 35 year old working woman. Ihave been working as a beauty consultant for 8 years. I like to access customersto choose right beauty products and also help them to enhance their appearanceby using some amazing products. I have the ability of understanding andrecommending products to customers which will suit them and support them to boosttheir lifestyle. I always kept in my mind the latest trends of fashion includingnew ranges of products and makeover techniques that are suitable for customers.I have the experience to provide professional services in different types ofmakeovers including bridal, party, birthdays and for some other specialoccasions. I have the ability to work in a team and work well with colleagues. Thosewho would like to enhance their knowledge about beauty products and makeovertechniques they can follow my personal blog. It will definitely help them.