Audrey Gamble

I am in my mid twenties and attend college with full ambitions and hopes for success. I'm in my second year of college. I plan to graduate with my associates degree in Criminal Justice. Money and objects is not what makes me smile. What makes me smile is love. I hope to have a big family one day in the far future. I take each day as it comes and if life throws me lemons, i grab a bottle of tequila and slice the lemons and roll with it. I love a challenge of any kind. Im very quite but never stuck up. I never pass judgement as far as i can help it but i also am human. I believe that nobody is better than the next person and that life is what you make it. My only desire in life is just to love and be loved and my only need is happiness.....

  • Work
    • Tepee Granite
  • Education
    • Brown Mackie College