Audrey Kali, Ph.D.

In the Communication Arts Department at Framingham State University, I teach courses in Speech Communication and Rhetorical Theory. These courses include Persuasion & Social Influence, Intercultural Communication, Small Group Communication, Argumentation and Advocacy, The Rhetorical Tradition, Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication and Advanced Public Speaking. My doctoral degree is from the University of Pittsburgh department of Rhetoric and Communication.

In addition to having published my research in journals such as Communication Quarterly, Rhetoric Review, The Journal of Critical Animal Studies, andSubstance,I have published in the standard textbook courses in the history of rhetoric: The Rhetoric of Western Thought.

I am also a researcher in the emerging discipline of Animal Studies and am interested in the communicative experiences of humans and animals in various contexts of interactions. Currently, I am working on farm animal ethics and the value-laden choices related to the treatment of farm animals in slaughterhouse. For the past six years I have been working on a documentary film on this topic, Farm and Red Moon.Visit