Audrey Kerwood

Hi, I’m Audrey Kerwood. Out of college I started as a lowly production assistant in the movie industry and quickly realized two things: I didn’t like working in the movie business and I didn’t like having a boss.

Like most people I continued toiling away until in 2001 I met my future business partner. We began planning our paycheck liberation not long after we met and less than a year later in 2002 we launched our first online store A2 Armory.

I discovered a hidden talent for ecommerce and web design that turned into a kind of obsessive passion. Because I loved creating sites so much I dug deep into the store platforms I used to learn them so I could do my own designing. I didn’t like outsourcing what I consider the fun stuff.

I have 9 years experience working in ecommerce and it has been my full time occupation for the last 8. I thoroughly believe anyone with ambition and a modicum of patience can create a successful ecommerce business.