Audrey Spillman

The element of surprise is an extremely powerful tool when you aim to capture a group of people. Now, that may sound a little strange in the world of music, but one of the most thrilling moments for me is when I am taken off guard by an artist and totally captivated by what I hear. And miss Audrey Spillman has my attention.

Growing up in Nashville, Audrey was raised on a wide variety of music, from Aretha Franklin to Joni Mitchell. This exposure to such musical giants greatly impacted her artistic development, and led her to study at the well-respected Belmont University. Being surrounded by other passionate musicians only encouraged her to become a stronger artist and songwriter.

Her voice is bold, soulful yet lovely and graceful, with her southern roots subtly floating between her notes. Recalling elements of artists like Norah Jones, Susan Tedeschi, Joni Mitchell and folksier Sara Bareillis, Audrey pieces together her own distinct style of folk/pop that's truly wonderful to the ears.

(written by Jon Dicus, Music City Unsigned)