Audrey Valencia

I dance and laugh as if no one is watching, I love as if your the only one in this world, I stare as if your the last person I will see before I die. I'am a single woman thats never been married.

I love what the world is. What we make it out to be. Although I disagree with the decisions being made and the way people treat not only this globe but also eachother. Looking at the bright side, I appreciate and love life, with everything that it has to offer, wether its good or bad, everything happens for a reason, and it will all fall into place sooner or later, when the time is right. I learned to Never say Never, because you look back and think to yourself wow. I remember when I said I would never do that, but you look at where your standing, and the position that you have created yourself. I' am a student. I love my family, more than life itself. I have confidence. Confidence and education is the sexiest thing a woman or man can have. I love myself. Not in any conceeded way, but in a way that I know I will not fail, That no matter what, I am true to myself and with everything I do. I will succeed. With or without anyone in my life, I know I will reach my goals. I will Love. wether or not its meant for me, love will come sooner or later, and if it does not, I will always have something to love, wether its family, friends, or my pets, there is always someone or something out there to love. Life is a beautiful thing and people are overating it, with all this superficial things in this world. Cherish whats infront of you, Because who knows when your last day will be, where your eyes will finally close....Forever.

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