Audrey Wiltz

I am a student at Oregon State University pursuing a degree in New Media Communications. I am interested in video production and television broadcasting, on air talent/acting, social media and digital marketing, as well as event planning and promotion.

I have big dreams and am very persistent and determined to achieve them, and truly understand the importance of my education but am well aware that real life experiences in my field of interest is important as well.

I have natural and strong communication skills and find myself surrounded by to-do lists and calendars to stay organized and precise with various tasks. I am a confident in my abilities to work in very versatile and fast paced environments alone because I am a quick learner, but I also work extremely well with others and have had much experience in team-based atmospheres, both learning and working.

Besides my education, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, playing basketball, running, watching sports and movies, as well as watching the food channel and trying new foods. I am always up for a great conversation and meeting new people.