Dr. Augustine David

Dr. Augustine (Augie) David is originally from Bangalore, India but has been in various parts of the United States in the last 45 years. He has a B.A. degree from New England College in New Hampshire and ministry training in a seminary in Oregon and practical training under a well known ministry in the u.S. He is ordained under Harvest Time Fellowship Church in Oregon and also has ministerial credentials with other Christian organizations. Augie is a third generation Indian Christian from a Methodist background but came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ when he was almost 17. He has received the Ruth Mizell Christian Statesman award, and is also and ambassador for the Golden Rule Peace Initiative. He also received a GLobal awarrd from Dr. Clyde Rivers for Leadership Development. Dr. Augustine is th Founder and President of Augie David International Ministries (ADIM) over the last 36 years and is currently based in Miami, FLorida. ADIM is an Independent and Inter-Denominational ministry. He has traveled to over 60 nations of the world and brings with him a fresh vision of global evangelism. he has a passion also to teach God's Word to the Churn, the Body of Christ- to build it up and that the Church may claim its Inheritance in Christ (Acts 20:32). Dr. Augie's vision is "Reaching the World, Raising the Leaders". Reaching the world includes the use of Satellite/ Television, Internet,Radio, personal crusades and seminars, products and establishing offices in various nations of the world. "Raising the Leaders" includes Reaching, Teaching, Training and mentoring Leaders in Ministry, Government, Business/Entrepenuership, Finance, Health & Entertainment/Media, etc. This will be done by creating and organizing Mentoring Courses, Products, Seminars, and Global Networking with the use of his new and upcoming Consulting Company. For more information: www.augiedavid.org