Augie Ray

New York area

I am a Customer Experience (CX), social business and digital marketing leader with over 20 years' experience in agencies, research firms & Fortune 200 companies. I have successfully and profitably led large organizations and am recognized as a thought leader in digital marketing and social media.

My lengthy and diverse history includes:

  • Being a Community Manager for Prodigy Bulletin Boards in 1993;
  • "Live blogging" (before it was called that) from the Disney World 25th anniversary event in 1996;
  • Developing successful digital & brand strategies for Fortune 500 firms with elements including online communities, digital advertising, email, PPC, SEO, advergaming, mobile applications, SMS programs and more;
  • Launching a successful and profitable ecommerce business;
  • Researching and consulting on social media marketing for Forrester in the Bay Area;
  • Leading social customer care, reputation management and sharing economy research at USAA; and
  • Managing a global strategy team considering ways to develop Voice of Customer data in new and unique ways.
  • Work
    • Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
    • Fullhouse
    • Forrester Research
    • Usaa
    • Prudential Financial
    • American Express