august roussel

Although my background is French and Italian, I love singing the German language songs of Nena: Her lyrics have simple wishes and hopes for humans from an advanced civilization, i.e. Germany, where technology reigns supreme, and a practical reality is observed. I also happen to be in love with someone of German descent. And I happen to like the German poet, Goethe.

I always look for the grace of God in life, and I take the advent of Reverse Mortgages as a practical miracle on the part of nature due to the simple fact that it makes sense for someone to live off the value of their home until they are deceased, and then have the Reverse Mortgage paid off when their house is sold...and have the remaining proceeds go to their heirs. Is this the American government giving something back to its citizens?... Or is it the hand of God shedding a sensible bounty at your back door before your final voyage? It's both.

Going back to the French in me, I often sing "La Vie en Rose"(i.e. Life Looking Rosy!"--or "Dreamy", or "Wonderful"), whenever I address audiences about Reverse Mortgages. I'm not scatter-brained...I just enjoy showing an emotion of true bliss. And since I'm in love already, I certainly hope I am always doing people a favor whenever I talk about Reverse Mortgages and how the FHA guarantees them, as I hope that God rewards each of us for all our journeys through life.

One More Thing: I like singing "Silent Night, Holy Night" in German, and, given the German leadership in these economically challenging times, I think all Europeans, whenever they hear the German version, should bow their heads and listen with their hearts and pay their bills the way the Germans always tell them to, so their lights won't go out. Vielen Dank!