Lakisha Stewart

I'm 27 years of age, I'm 5'3, When I'm On The Internet World I Love I'm Currently Active On Facebook, & Twiiter & Other Social Networks. Music Is My Life, I Love The In's & Out's Of Music, My Life Outside Of The Internet Lies My Personal Life & My Job Which Is Both Awesome At This PoinT! I'm Energetic & I Just Love Life. My Dream Job Is To Be In The Music Field And/Or A Model I've Been Dreaming Of These Jobs Since I Was Small Enough To Crawl, I Was Born Premature Weighing At 2 Pound, Even Though I Was Small Being Born Into The World, My Life Was Like BIGGER Than My Weigh IN, I Put God First In Everything I Do Because Without Him Nothing Is Possible & My Family Are My Back Bone, So When I Learned Of Your About.Me Advertisement, I Could Not Wait To Type Out My Biography!