August Slagle

New Bern, NC

My name's August Slagle, but everyone calls me Gus. I've been in the Marines for the last four years serving as a Stinger missile officer but am now seeking to transition to a career in marketing with the assistance of a McCombs MBA. I left the Marines with a deep appreciation for the role that teamwork plays in solving complex problems and am excited to work with my new classmates toward more scalable goals. I don't have a formal business background beyond my Economics degree, working for my family logging company, and leadership experience in the Marines, so I'm really looking forward to picking your brains and relying upon your diverse backgrounds to solve the problems presented in our curriculum and case work.

Off duty, I spend a good deal of my time running. This time is when I do my best thinking, and I go to lengths to prioritize it within my daily schedule. You might also find me kicking a soccer or rugby ball around over the weekend. Another pursuit of mine is seeing, hearing, and tasting all the things that characterize Austin. As Berkeley products, being here is an old, familiar feeling for my wife and me. We're excited to discover it from within the McCombs community!

  • Work
    • U.S. Marine Corps
  • Education
    • B.A. Economics, University of California, Berkeley