Augusta Academy

Augusta Academy is a spin off company of the Instituto de Estudios sobre la sociedad y la teoría política clásicas "Lucio Anneo Séneca", a research Institution of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. It originates in the conviction of the need to recover the universal values of the European civilization in a time in which it is passing through a profound crisis that is letting grow the differences between the Mediterranean countries and North Europe. To recover the values which constitute the European reality is vital for reconstituting a real European unity based not only on government arrangements, but on the solid base of people aware of the unity of values and virtues they are partaking on.
Academia Augusta is born in a time when the main characteristic is the globalization, the last stadium of a process initiated in Europe. Its name tries to reflect the old European vision of the cultural union of East and West. It is not necessary to stress the significance of 'Academia' the first institution devoted to the intellectual and political improvement of human beings. 'Augusta' points to a time when the ideological union of East and West, preconized by the Greek philosophers beginning with the Academy and momentary accomplished by Alexander the great, was lastingly achieved in the Roman empire of the Augustan period.
Greeks and Romans have transmitted countless substantial features to the Western and World civilizations, but two are their main contributions: the concepts of freedom and of individual. The ideal of a free, critical and reflexive individual that can resolve problems and take an active part in common tasks is without doubt a crucial ideal that has made possible Europe and has today a universal value. The classical legacy can contribute to the recovering and the redefining of the values that have made possible the achievement of this ideal in this times.