Augustine Ameruso

​​​​​I would desribe my self as a very ambitious young man.I always have a set of goals I want to achieve and list just goes on and on. I am hoping to major in nursing in college. I believe nursing would be a good fit for me because I enjoy helping people and I always look to please others. I am also very mature for my age. I really enjoy being an active kid, I enjoy running, swimming and playing any sport possible. I also enjoy learning about the history of certain sports.

Six word Story- I filmed this video with my iPhone. The inspiration behind this video is my neighborhood being hit by Hurricane Sany.

Symbolic Montage- I made this film on the computer and putting together a bunch of photos to show a meaning. The inspiration behind this video was to show an important message about obesity.

Song plus scene- I made this film also on the computer. I paired an inspirational song with an inspirational scene to show the importance of the scene.

Soundtrack- I made this soundtrack by pairing up 9 to 10 songs. I used about 30 seconds of each song to convey an inspirtational soundtrack that you could use while working out.

Mr.Verde Interview- I filmed this with my iPhone. This interview shows the life of Mr.Verde. It tells his story of coming to America, learning english on his own and even thriving in this country.

  • Education
    • Xaverian High School