Augustin International Corp in New York is an agent office of Dongchuan Ferrous Metal Company in Kunming Yunnan China. This Compay is situated in the Dongchuan local well-known mining area; Si Fang Di". It is the first company dealing with the ferrous metals in Dongchuan, Kunming Yunnan. The founder of the company, Ren, Kun Gang has been engaged in the ferrous metal business for more than two decades. The company's specialty is to collect & smelt the ores from the concentrates to the scraps, residues and slags of the ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Copper, Germanium, Silver, Zinc, and etc. The smeltered products are purchased at the different parts of the world.

Augustin International Corp in New York conducts the business on behalf of its parent company: Dongchuan Ferrous Metal Company. it collects & recycles the scrapes, residues and slags of the metal materials in the United States. Any company which deals with such products, please contact: