main - do not follow

-owain/odin ; fire emblem
-jamie ; steven universe
-apollo justice ; ace attorney

please don't follow if you're kin w them or friends w someone who is!! please don't double tag if you can help it

other kins - dm to follow

-hawkeye/clint barton ; marvel
-steven ; steven universe
-wirt ; over the garden wall
-makoto naegi ; dangan ronpa
-hajime hinata ; sdr2
-tadashi yamaguchi ; haikyuu!!
-hiro hamada ; big hero 6


i rlly dont mind double tags for these characters tbh... i know some of my kins are rlly common characters so if you have to double tag thats ok

tags - ok to follow!

-kousaka honoka ; love live!
-madoka kaname ; pmmm
-makoto tachibana ; free!
-finn the human ; adventure time
-calem ; pokemon xy
-waddles ; gravity falls
-smokey ; neko atsume

double tags are ok!!

comfort characters - absolutely ok to follow!

-lon'qu ; fire emblem-captain america/steve rogers ; marvel-phoenix wright ; ace attorney-blaine anderson ; glee

these are just some of my fave characters.... they make me rlly happy so!!! yeah u can absolutely follow if u kin w any of these characters