Joseph Wilson

Born into a Do It Yourself family, Joseph quickly learned to analyze and solve problems as they arose. He was a shy boy who was never really great at sports. He spent more time daydreaming than acutally paying attention to his opponents during t-ball games. Naturally, his primal instincts took over and he innately knew that he was destined for greater things (like writing code) because, let's face it, t-ball isn't even real baseball. Fortunately for the denizens of his childhood town, he did not refer to himself in the third person until he began filling out online profiles.

Fast forward to present day. I have worked as a software engineer for a large corporation and as lead developer for a much smaller local company. Both careers offered many perks, however, I have come to the conclusion that I am happier working for myself. Although being self-employed requires infinitely greater responsibility, I love it because I can control 100% of the process (okay, aside from a natural disaster or the death of the internet for you skeptics out there). It all boils down to being able to provide my clients with what they deserve: personal service and my best work.